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Here are just a few of the reviews we've gotten!


"I was quite pleased that the cashier was cordial and helpful. The theater was clean, which I appreciated very much. I have been to other movie theaters and they are not as clean as this one was. It was a great experience!"

-Colonial Park





"The prices are so good that i will see movies i didnt really plan to see just for the sake of popcorn an soda at the movies! I have nothing but good to say about what you are doing. Dont ever stop. :D"

-Colonial Park





"It is absolutely wonderful, in these trying economic times, to still be able to afford to go to the movies. We're so glad we've finally broken down and gone back to the movies and it's all because of your cinema!"

-South York





"I love your theater in York. Staff are friendly , efficient and helpful. Popcorn is the best anywhere! You even use healthy canola oil. As frequently and as much my husband and I eat of it, that is important. Best value in entertainment. In this economy, that is very important. Keep up the good work!"

-South York





"As a mother of five I cannot tell you how much you have made my "family nite out" a wonderful experience filled with many memories!!! With your great prices, I am able to treat my children to a movie AND a snack with change to spare. Thank you so much for keeping your prices low."

-South York





"You guys are great! My whole family enjoys being able to afford going to the movies again. Ticket/Concession staff is always friendly and the theaters are always clean. Thanks!"

-Kendig Square